Planning with Precision

Fluid Mobility has developed a GPS location management platform for vehicles and heavy equipment. WorkFlow seamlessly connects your mobile workforce to the back office. Job planning and scheduling can be easily automated and integrated. Features such as real-time notifications and alerts with turn-by-turn
navigation, job planning, and route planning make the process fast and simple. Utilize your mobile assets to their fullest potential and save
time by eliminating hours of tedious daily roadblocks.

Locate, Track, Navigate & Manage

 Fluid GPS mobile app:

  • Precision GPS tracking for vehicles & mobile devices

  • Real-time alerts and notifications

  • Route + job planning

  • Dispatch for field communications

  • Automation for paper processes

  • Integration into existing back office systems

  • Customized forms and electronic documents

  • Signature capture for delivery and job accountability

  • Picture upload capability

  • DVIR (vehicle inspection checks)

  • Delivery receipts, automated mileage reporting and data management

Safer Workplace
Keep an eye on your equipment and your employees, 24/7, with real-time notifications and alerts. For night workers, lone workers and anyone with health issues, Fluid provides a duress button that can be programmed to notify managers of any emergencies in the field. A duress button combined with the ability to stop workers from texting while driving makes Fluid the perfect app for workplace safety.

Use device location with
geo-fencing and policy controls to manage your data usage.

Ensure your workers are practising driving safe by shutting down access to texting while driving.