Safer Workplace

Peace of Mind

Ensuring a safer workplace is critical to any organization in terms of attracting new employees and ensuring current employees are safe in all work conditions. Workplace safety is increasingly under scrutiny by government regulators, Human Resource departments and insurance companies. Get ahead of the curve and stay ahead by protecting your employees by providing them with a safer workplace.


• Deploy precision GPS for locating and tracking of employees throughout the workday

• Safety protocols can be designed for any workplace using geo-fencing with real-time alerts

• Enhanced safety protocols can be designed using Fluid Policy Controls with geo-fencing
   and time-fencing

• Ensure safer vehicles by deploying telematics for preventative maintenance alerts

• Curb bad habits by receiving alerts when your drivers are speeding 

• Prevent access to texting while driving when a vehicle is in motion

• Deploy a panic button on your mobile devices as part of your safety protocol

Use device location with
geo-fencing and policy controls to manage your data usage.

Ensure your workers are practising driving safe by shutting down access to texting while driving.