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Second GPSIII Satellite Launched

Yesterday marked the second launch of a brand-new GPS III standard satellite, the next generation of satellites to upgrade the Navstar Global Positioning System. Designed by Lockhead Martin, the satellite was launched using the tried and true Delta IV rocket, which has previously carried other GPS satellites into orbit. The first GPS III unit, deployed in late December 2018, was successfully launched with the newly designed Falcon 9 rocket, developed by SpaceX. Equipped for backwards compatibility, the GPS III satellites will participate in harmony with the older generation until the “Next-Generation Operational Control Segment” (OCX) is ready for operation in 2022, with testing planned for 2020.

GPS III is planned to not only improve accuracy and availability for all users, but will provide use of additional capabilities, such as an increased number of navigation signals, a Distress Alerting System for search and rescue, as well as satellite crosslinks for rapid command and reduced latency. The increased number of navigation signals is of particular note, since planned additions include redundant signals which will help compensate for localized interference. Fluid is excited to see what the future of GPS holds, and strives to take advantage of the latest technologies to help pass on the benefits to our partners. If you’re interested in seeing how the latest in GPS Tracking and Location-Based Intelligence can boost your business’s productivity, reach out to Fluid today!

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