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Mobile Hotspots – Security Curse or Productivity Boon?

Consolidated Data Plans for the Mobile Workforce

It’s not uncommon for a mobile worker to carry multiple devices. It reduces headaches not to have to buy a separate data plan for each smart phone, tablet or laptop. Often, a quick and simple solution can be running all traffic through a mobile Wi-Fi access point over a cellular data connection. However, software access points embedded in mobile operating systems are not always the most secure, especially when configured by the end user.

Accelerated Risk and Costs

It’s possible for an unsavvy end user to configure a low security password, or even create an open security hotspot. Low strength passwords can lead to netwo

rk intrusions, making unauthorized corporate data access a worrying possible outcome. Additionally, the enterprise wide cost of excessive WiFi Tethering can be quite shocking, especially when corporate data is used for personal reasons, or when roaming.

Fluid - Visibility and Control

Fluid coupled with Samsung devices can provide a comprehensive solution for your Mobile Workforce. Leveraging Samsung Knox™ security, a Fluid policy can not only disable the Wi-Fi access point on corporate devices, but enforce password and security requirements. Fluid’s dynamic policy controls can also limit Wi-Fi tethering based on Time, Location, Roaming status and more.

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