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MDM or MAM we can do both

Mobile Device Management or MDM for short is a useful tool employed by businesses to take full control of mobile devices in order to monitor data and control policies.  Some of the useful features include whitelisting apps, limiting harmful applications from being installed on company devices, IT can also remotely wipe a device should it be lost or stolen, securing company data.  But with this full control, comes great responsibilities and in truth, utilizing an MDM solution may not be ideal given a BYOD business where employees bringing their own phones to work.

Mobile Device Management or Mobile Application Management

  For such situations a company should consider looking at Mobile Application Management or MAM.  MAM allows IT to control individual applications, sharing the same security of data as an MDM would.  Companies can still whitelist apps, and will be able to remotely wipe only those apps, bridging the gap between a company owned phone, and a employee owned phone.  The two work well in tandem or separately depending on the application it will be utilized in, and it’s always worth the peace of mind to know that your companies data is secure regardless.

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