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Is Your Organization Ready for the Upcoming ELD Mandate?

As you may be aware, new regulations amending the Commercial Vehicle Drivers Hours of Service Regulation are scheduled to be enforced by the start of 2020. As it currently stands, the Regulations require drivers to self-report their hours in a paper based daily log, with the option of using an electronic recording device (ERD). As an older standard, electronic recording devices are subject to few technical specifications, and in general can be vulnerable to falsification and human error.

By the new year, carriers will need to be compliant with the revised regulations, which mandate the usage of electronic logging devices (ELD). As the new regulations come into effect, a new standard of specifications has been developed for the classification of in vehicle logging devices. Expected to come into enforcement by 2022, the amendments will require Electronic Logging Devices installed, which meet the new specification. This will provide carriers a stop gap solution, allowing for the usage of older ERD specification hardware, while still meeting the enforced changes to the Commercial Vehicle Drivers Hours of Service Regulation scheduled for 2020.

Overall, a cost benefit analysis conducted by Transportation Canada has found the changes in regulations will lead to a reduction in annual administrative costs of $22.7 million ($2,359 per business). This excludes the numerous other benefits found by Transport Canada, including reducing crashes (less property damage and fewer injuries and fatalities); reduced out-of-service detention time of drivers for HOS violations; time savings to both the motor carrier industry (administrative costs saved) and provincial and territorial governments (quicker, more efficient and effective inspections and facility audits); and paper-based daily log savings for motor carriers.

Fluid's state of the art device management platform is designed from the ground up with the ELD mandate in mind, allowing our partners to take full advantage of the potential benefits outlined by Transport Canada. If you're unsure of your fleet's readiness for the ELD mandate, reach out to Fluid today!

For more details, please consult this related (1) Publication in the Canada Gazette or the (2) Commercial Vehicle Drivers Hours of Service Regulations.

(1) http://gazette.gc.ca/rp-pr/p1/2017/2017-12-16/html/reg5-eng.html

(2) https://laws-lois.justice.gc.ca/eng/regulations/SOR-2005-313/

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