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GPS Week Rollover is Coming April 6th, Are You Ready?

All users of GPS should be mindful of the upcoming GPS Week Number rollover, as certain uncertified devices which do not meet IS-GPS-200 specifications may be impacted. Interface Specification GPS-200, available online at https://www.gps.gov/technical/icwg/ is a standard developed for manufacturers with continued capability in mind.

Since January 5, 1980, the GPS Week Number count has been increased by 1 each week, and is broadcast as part of the GPS message. One of the GPS week number fields in a less used legacy navigation message counts from zero to 1023 weeks, restarting the count at 1024. The first occurrence was on the evening of Aug. 21, 1999 and the message field rolled to zero at midnight GPS Time. The next similar GPS Week Number rollover occurs on April 6, 2019. Most GPS devices shouldn’t encounter any issues as a result of this rollover, however devices which are not up to IS-GPS-200 specifications may require a firmware update, or other mitigating actions.

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