Mobile Device Control

Control Your Mobile Devices Without

an MDM 

The Fluid Policy Control Advantage 

• Set dynamic policy controls based on location and/or time
• Manage mobile data use and overage charges
• Control devices remotely
• Control mobile app usage
• Lock and Wipe devices by location or time
• Control access to camera
• Control access to Wi-Fi and radios
• No texting while driving
• No need for an MDM
• No need for an IT department

Policy Controls​

Fluid Policy Controls allow managers to control mobile devices automatically by location and/or time. No IT department is required, although we do support EMM/MDM's such as BlackBerry UEM and Samsung Knox, and Fluid can easily integrate with other existing MDM's.

▸ Manage hundreds of device policies by location and/or time

▸ Manage employee mobile devices remotely

▸ Ensure proper usage of all mobile assets

"Tamper-Proof" Your Devices

▸ reduce a users ability to tamper with device location services

▸ "Whitelist" of "Blacklist" apps based on time and location

▸ Control all radio access including which Wi-Fi networks are safe for user access

Manage Mobile Device Costs

▸ Manage your mobile data use by sending threshold alerts to
   employees and managers

▸ Manage roaming data charges for employees during international travel

▸ Use geo-fencing to create business specific efficiencies

▸ Save time & increase productivity by managing users device remotely

▸ Manage app usage to increase user productivity

Safety First

Meet corporate governance and HR compliance policies with a safety program that alerts managers immediately when problems occur.


▸ Apply no texting while driving policies throughout the organization

▸ Set up a firmware duress button for employee safety

▸ Customize alerts and notifications for lone workers and man-down situations

▸ Utilize geo-fencing and time-fencing to create response prompts and  alerts for lone workers

Fluid Policy Controls for safety are useful for:


• Employees travelling in a foreign country with no 911 service


• Remote or lone workers


• Workers with health issues


• Workers in unsafe locations

Security of Device and Data

Protect your company data and sensitive information

using location-based services combined with Fluid Policy Control

▸ Integrate into existing EMM/MDM's

▸ Apply Samsung Knox Kiosk mode
▸ Enable Containers for device security

▸ Shut down devices based on location and time

▸ Control device security using geo-fencing

▸ Enhance security using time-fencing

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