Control Your Mobile Workplace

Fluid Mobility has developed an enterprise-grade mobile app that controls device policies and is easily adaptable to the small and medium enterprise. Fluid Policy Control provides users with the ability to control mobile devices by location and time-based dynamic policy quickly and easily. Remotely manage your devices, control app access and data overages. Fluid Policy Control can be deployed with or without an existing Mobile Device Management (MDM) system so there's no need for extra IT help. All Fluid solutions can be either cloud-hosted, based on the premise, or a combination of both. 

Control Mobile Device Costs

  • Control data usage and reduce cost over-runs

  • Control devices remotely, from a desktop

  • Assign policies based on location

  • Assign policies based on time

  • Create “tamper-proof” devices

  • Control access to specific apps

View all mobile assets on a map
at the same time.

Security with Flexibility

Control all mobile device features based on the location of the device, by the time of day that a device is in a specific location or by both time and location.


  • Control the Camera, Microphone & Radios (Wi-Fi, Bluetooth etc.)

  • Lock and wipe devices 

  • Control access by geo-fenced location

  • Control device by time of day

  • Apply security containers

 Create a Safer Workplace

  •  No texting while driving

  • Duress button

  • Set policies for timed responses

  • Create “man-down” protocols

    Easy to Use and Easy to Deploy

  •  No need for an existing Mobile Device Management (MDM) system

  • No need for an IT department

  • Easy installation and rapid deployment


Did you know that mobile device policy controls can be controlled based on time parameters? Many Fluid Mobility clients use control access to certain apps based on the time of day. For instance a device can be configured so that between 9:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. the user can only access the Fluid app.