Heavy Equipment

Locate, Track & Trace Your Mobile Assets

Your equipment is the backbone of your organization. You need to know where everything is, when it was used, who used it and whether it needs maintenance. Fluid provides the visibility you need to ensure your machinery is where it should be, and when it should be there. Track, trace and locate your heavy equipment, view historic reporting and get alerts based on time, movement and maintenance requirements with Fluid's precision GPS and telematics



• Visibility allows for better asset utilization


• Historic reports help deal with unauthorized or unscheduled use


• Solar, battery or plug-in reporting devices


• Preventative maintenance alerts


Tool & Inventory Management

Keep track of everything from a drill to a back-loader using Fluid's mobile scan with QR or barcodes. Our flexible, online code generator can be easily be tied into your back office systems so you can automatically keep track of equipment and inventory.