Connect Your Mobile Workforce Directly

into Back Office Systems

GPS location-based platform.
Locate, Track, and Manage Your Vehicles, Phones and Tablets.
Deploy Fluid MDM or Add GPS Location and Geofencing Capabilities and Mobile Expense Management to Your Existing MDM.
Remotely manage the data consumption of your corporate devices

Mobile Device Management (MDM)

Fluid-Mobility’s mobile device management accommodates a diverse range of needs. Adaptable to small, medium, and large enterprises, Fluid Policy Control features a dynamic implementation scheme which allows for cloud- and/or premise-based solutions to remotely manage your enterprise’s devices.


As a stand-alone solution, Fluid MDM provides full life cycle management for your mobile devices from provisioning to decommissioning. Designed for flexibility and customization, Fluid MDM easily integrates with AirWatch, BlackBerry UEM, Samsung Knox or MobileIron providing geofencing capabilities as well as Mobile Expense Management to help you increase your mobility ROI.


Fluid MDM is an enterprise grade MDM that is flexible enough to allow for sophisticated customization to meet business specific requirements, yet simple enough for small to medium-sized enterprises.

▸  Dynamic Policy Controls

▸  Knox/BES Containers for data security

▸  Samsung Knox Kiosk mode for tamper-proof devices

▸  Control Apps for security and savings

▸  Manage devices remotely, from your desktop

▸  Lock and Wipe devices

▸  Apply policies based on location

▸  Apply policies based on time

▸  Easily integrates with VMWare AirWatch,  BlackBerry UEM, Samsung Knox or

    MobileIron Core/Cloud

Mobile Expense Management (MEM)

Exercise complete control over company-owned devices to eliminate corporate data overages, security vulnerabilities, and increase productivity with FM’s comprehensive Geo-fencing controls.

▸  Track mobile data use

▸  Manage roaming charges

▸  Increase productivity

▸  Low Total Cost of Ownership

▸  High ROI

Fluid GPS

Monitor and manage mobile assets with Fluid’s real-time GPS tracking system, streamlining productivity by helping navigate an increasingly dynamic work space.


▸  Lower fuel costs

▸  Automatically track mileage

▸  Preventative maintenance alerts

Fluid Dispatch

Enjoy the dynamic, solution driven services of Fluid’s Mobile Device Management through Fluid’s Dispatch service. Optimize routes, automate assignments, and adapt to the unanticipated with Fluid Dispatch’s real-time event notifications.

▸  Automate jobs & tasks

Real-time job status updates
Automated route planning

On-the-fly route optimization

Signature capture for POD and accountability

Simple ad hoc messaging
Real-time event notifications via text or email