Fluid HOS

Compliance Made Simple

Reduce Fines & Insurance Costs

√ Built in DVIR
√ Manage driver’s logs and duty status in realtime
√  Reduce costs due to improper driver reporting
√  Reduce fines and insurance costs
√  Automatically prompt drivers to report - before infractions occur

√  Alert managers and drivers via email or text of potential compliance issues

Step-by-Step Compliance

Fluid's HOS provides step-by-step compliance, walking your drivers through their day from start to finish. Our step-by step process reduces the chances of an incorrect report due to a missed step during the day. No need for your drivers to be tech-savvy or even experienced at logging trips, Fluid HOS is easily mastered by all drivers.

• Simple, step-by-step HOS mobile app to save time and money 
• Increase accuracy with electronic reporting
• Reduce fines and insurance costs
• Inspection ready paper logs graphic

• Automatically prompt drivers to report
• Alert managers and drivers via email or text
• Reduce record keeping and admin costs

*First step in ELD readiness Audit ready digital records

Fluid HOS supports Android, iOS,  
& BlackBerry operating systems

Is Your Fleet ELD Ready?
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