Locate, Navigate & Manage Your Mobile Assets

GPS Location Intelligence 

Fluid GPS is an easy to use, easy to deploy GPS location intelligence assistant. View and manage all of your mobile assets (vehicles, devices and sensors) at the same time from the browser-based administration console. Easily communicate, manage and respond to your people via the Fluid Mobility mobile app.


• Real-time entry/exit notifications 

• Precision Geofencing and Time-fencing
• Nest fences within fences

• AVL, telematics with mobile device management

• Custom real-time alerts via text or email

• Real-time and historical reports

• Tie into existing ERP, CRM, and 3rd party apps


Fluid's GPS management solution can be utilized in any business that needs to locate and track devices or vehicles. Fluid GPS is a highly scalable, flexible mobile asset manager designed for enterprise use but easily adaptable to the small business.

        • Track and manage vehicles, driver’s and mobile devices

        • Visually locate all mobile assets in your workforce

        • High precision geo-fencing

        • Fluid GPS  is designed to extend battery life
        • Fluid GPS is a
low cost solutions offering a high ROI

Increase Productivity With Fluid GPS
• Know where your assets are at all times - in real-time.

• Automated arrival & departure reporting

• Realtime and historic reporting

• Automated mileage tracking

View all mobile assets on a map
at the same time.

Customizable GPS
Did you know that GPS location and tracking is fully customizable to meet the needs of any mobile workplace? Set speed thresholds for vehicles, automate mileage recording and change reporting times based on the type of mobile asset you're tracing in order to preserve battery life. You can also send and receive customized, automated alerts based on arrival and departure from geo-fenced locations.

Geo-fencing by Fluid Mobility

Did you know that geo-fencing combined with mobile devices and AVL telematics can provide valuable data for actionable business intelligence. Many Fluid Mobility clients use custom dashboards to manage KPI's such as wait times for vehicles in loading or off-loading situations.