Eliminate paperwork!


Good vehicle maintenance habits start with a comprehensive DVIR. Save your company time and money and create a safe working environment for your drivers with Fluid DVIR.

Fluid DVIR

Simple, Automatic DVIR

Fluid DVIR eliminates paperwork by automating the DVIR process. Once completed the DVIR is sent to dispatch where it is always on file and easily available for inspection and editing. Fluid DVIR walks the driver through the process so no steps can be missed. DVIR reports can be easily customized based on specific requirements for your fleet.


Drivers can upload photos of any problem areas so the maintenance staff can diagnose issues remotely, pulling an unsafe vehicle from use and providing the ability to pre-schedule maintenance and order parts in advance of downtime.


  • Improve fleet safety

  • improve vehicle efficiency

  • improve vehicle life

Tamper-proof Devices

Control app usage and create tamper-proof devices with Fluid
Policy Controls.

Usage Alerts
Users and managers receive alerts before reaching data thresholds. 

Use device location with
geo-fencing and policy controls to manage your data usage.