Fluid Dispatch

Communication, Navigation
and Automated Route Planning 


Full accountability POD.

Real-time Task &
Job Management

Track jobs and employees in realtime.

Automate &

Save money by
creating efficiency. 

Enhance Communication and Visibility

Gain complete visibility of your entire mobile workforce by adding Fluid Dispatch to

the Fluid GPS console. Easily manage jobs, tasks, deliveries and work orders in real-time. Fluid's mobile app can be easily configured to fit your company's unique needs. From simple POD with signature capture to complex route planning and navigation, Fluid has you covered.  

Automated Route Planning

• Automate daily route planning

• Tie into 3rd party back office systems

• Automated realtime route optimization


•  Automate jobs & tasks
•  Real-time job status updates
•  Automated route planning  

•  On-the-fly route optimization
•  Signature capture for POD and accountability      
•  Simple ad hoc messaging   
•  Real-time event notifications via text or email

ELD Readiness

Is Your Fleet ELD Ready?
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