AVL Telematics

Fluid ELD
Bluetooth engine diagnostics reader for ELD, sends data to any device.

Fluid ELD Bluetooth

Plugs into the J1939 or J1708 Jbus connector and sends via Bluetooth BLE4.1 to any device the engine diagnostics data required by FMCSA for Electronic HOS compliance
including: Odometer, Engine Hours, Engine ON / OFF.

Sends periodic engine diagnostic codes as they appear that can be displayed on the device for the driver and can be forwarded by the device to the fleet management server via the cellular data plan of the device. Able to monitor simultaneously or separately the J1939 and J1708 protocols.

Easily plugged into the Jbus port via a J1708 (6pin), J1939 (9pin) or J1708/J1939 (9pin) dual pass-through connector or can be hard-wired in place. On top of the FMCSA requirements,  you can also send additional engine data such as: fuel level, fuel consumption and major engine diagnostic codes to be processed by a 3rd party application on any device and forwarded by the device to the fleet management server. 

Your End-to-End Partner in Vehicle Management

Fluid apps were designed to work with all major telematics hardware vendors. We have over 12 years of experience in the AVL telematics space and pride ourselves on assisting customers in the development of end-to-end fleet solutions that include telematics and sensors. Our popular hardware devices are listed below.

Please contact us for details on pricing and installation.

FM 6300
Versatile OBDII and JBUS enabled device with GPIO,
1-Wire interface and optional Bluetooth

FM 6300
High powered-on board solution providing OBDII and JBUS communication along with GPIO, 1-Wire, Garmin FMI, optional Bluetooth, diagnostic parameter IDs, optional back-up battery and provided with the XDMI device management software.


  • Tracking and telematics applications

  • Equipment diagnostics / tracking / monitoring / control and maintenance

  • Hours of Service (HOS) monitoring for federal compliance ( see Fluid HOS )

Key Features

  • Script enabled Firmware

  • Embedded cellular and GPS antennas

  • Integrated high-precision GPS engine

  • 3-Axis Accelerometer and Motion Detector

  • Optional OBDII and JBUS Interface

  • Optional Bluetooth®

  • Garmin FMI

  • GPIO

  • 1-Wire Bus Interface

  • XDMI Device management platform Enabled

Fluid HOS (e-logs)

Did you know that the quickest, easiest way to begin the process of becoming ELD compliant 
is to switch from paper logs to an electronic logging device like Fluid HOS. 

FM 4200
Enterprise location messaging unit with heavy and

light duty vehicle interface

FM 4200
Our popular FM 4200 supports 
a broad range of wireless connection options and comes equipped with either light or heavy duty vehicle interfaces. The FM 4200's expandability and flexibility are key to lowering the cost of delivering, supporting, and growing fleet management solutions.


The FM 4200 also features a comprehensive I/O system and expandable accessories that make it an

The FM 4200 is designed to support enterprise customers needing a wide range of wireless connectivity, vehicle interfaces and peripheral interconnect. The FM 4200 offers a full set of fleet features with cellular, WiFi, Bluetooth, and satellite connectivity options, plus a 3-axis accelerometer that detects and acts on hard braking, aggressive acceleration, or vehicle impactsjPOD ECU (Engine Control Unit) interface reads and transmits heavy-duty engine condition and performance data such as engine temperature along with the fault codes to provide the best possible real-time picture of vehicle health..
industry-leading value proposition. The serial ports supply switchable power at selectable voltages to ease the installation of peripheral data devices. 

AVL Hardware & Sensors
Fluid supports a wide range of AVL Telematics hardware
as well as temperature, contact and flow sensors. 

Bluetooth Telematics

Inexpensive solutions for ELD

Fixed 3rd party telematics solutions can be expensive, especially for larger fleets. Fluid Mobility offers solutions to meet any fleet's requirements. A bluetooth option is less expensive than fixed hardware, doesn't require installation, ties into your mobile devices and will meet ELD mandate requirement.


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