Automate and Integrate Your Point of Delivery


Delivering Efficiencies


Getting a shipment from A to B and closing the POD loop with a signature has never been more simple. Fluid Mobility provides a mobile app that can handle signature capture and inventory scanning with routing and navigation to make that A to B smooth, efficient and highly visible to your managers and clients. Locate and track shipments in transit and provide a web portal for receivers to see shipment locations, ETA's and historic information like invoices. Completely automate your process with back office integration and you'll save hours of planning time daily.



Fluid Point of Delivery (POD):

• Precision GPS tracking and geo-fencing for vehicles & mobile devices
• Automated route planning and navigation

• Workflow automation and integration into existing back office systems

• Proof of delivery, bill of lading & signature capture

• Create a branded vendor portal for complete visability

• Custom alerts and notifications

• Real-time reporting