Control Costs

Manage Your Mobile Expenses while Managing Your Mobile Workforce

• Reduce mobile device data costs

• Reduce fuel costs

• Reduce fines and tickets

• Reduce paperwork and associated costs

• Save through preventative vehicle maintenance

• Software as a Service(SaaS) means no IT costs required

Fluid SaaS is a low total cost of ownership solution with a high ROI

Control Your Data Charges!
Fluid Mobility has developed an easy to
deploy mobile app that will help any company experiencing cost over-runs due to excessive or unauthorized data usage.

Save on Fuel

  • Reduce fuel usage through managing your drivers.
    Receive alerts for:
         - aggressive driving
         - excessive idling time
         - speeding
         - hard braking
         - jack rabbit starts

  • Increase fuel savings through automated route planning.
    Effective use of
    a fleet management systems can save your organization
    *25% in fuel costs per year.


*(Frost & Sullivan)


Alerts for pre-emptive Vehicle Maintenance
Get your vehicles into the shop before serious damage and wear occurs using AVL telematics and simple analytics. 

Automate Mileage tracking

30% of employees use guesstimates on their mileage tracking. Guesstimates tend to be on the high side.