How Geofencing Improves Healthcare Services​

Use geofencing and locational data to improve efficiencies. Learn where time is spent, improve on mileage reporting accuracy, create auto check-in policies for home care visits.


Fluid Mobility’s Secure Mobile Workplace provides hospitals and home-care services with a suite of mobile tools and technologies.

Secure Mobile Workplace allows 3D visibility of your mobile assets and shows a multitude of options for security, compliance and business intelligence, with a low total cost of ownership.

  • Safety and Duress software allows for quick alerts in an emergency and increases safety for staff and remote workers​

  • Set alerts if devices leave your building to notify security​

  • Simplify billing and accuracy by validating start and visit times with date stamps​

  • Automated mileage reporting with real-time and historical location information reporting​

  • Ensure information never leaves facility walls with ability to lock, wipe and disable devices when they leave the premises

  • ​Automate mileage reports 

  • Route planning and automation, scheduling and navigation provided by Fluid’s geo-location platform.

  • MDM and EMM dynamic policy controls with secure containers provide top level device and data security.

  • Fluid’s dynamic geo-fencing provide data for patient visit entry and exit times as well as overall visit times.

  • Automated mileage reporting with real-time and historic location information reporting.

  • Meets corporate HR requirements for safety & duress with hardware functionality and no access to SMS while driving.

Use device location with
geo-fencing and policy controls to manage your data usage.

Ensure your workers are practising driving safe by shutting down access to texting while driving.