Real-Time Location System

Ensure that your organization can track vital equipment in real-time with Fluid’s indoor-Realtime Location System. Create a more efficient work environment while securing your organization against loss and theft with wireless tags. Set mobile device permissions within your building(s) to safeguard trade secrets, confidential information, and better manage the movement of assets – and much, much more!​

  • Locate and manage equipment within your workplace.

  • Maintain proper staffing levels throughout your workplace.

  • Improve business processes by recording the time it takes to complete tasks. 

Fluid’s real-time locating system identifies and tracks assets within your business in real-time. Fluid empowers your organization to have a comprehensive overview of the movement within your facilities, enabling you to make informed decisions for your organization in real-time. Fluid’s Geofencing secures your facilities against loss and theft with an array of permissions and tagging functions. Set permissions and decide who goes where with virtual Geofences. Real-time visibility allows you to monitor traffic, bottlenecks, and the location of assets, allowing you to adjust on the fly. Find who and what you need within your organization instantly with RTLS.


RTLS Industry Points:

(geofencing) – Protect trade secrets within your facilities with Geofencing.

(healthcare) – Improve health outcomes with automated patient and equipment tracking.

(logistics) – Real-time performance data ensures your fleet is operating efficiently. 

(Analytics)h – Identify utilization rates for equipment to reduce expenses.

General – Manage assets by authenticating users signing equipment out. Verify that the same asset is returned.

Geofencing – Geofences encompassing your whole area of operation, with additional localized geofences for dynamic security options.

Safety – Monitor worker location during emergencies and direct them to muster points.

Security – Tags alert security/management when workers and equipment leave/enter restricted Geofenced areas.