Map out your organization with surgical precision with Fluid’s Indoor Positioning System. Using a network of devices inside your organization, Fluid can tag and track equipment integral to your operation, ensuring that your equipment and people can be located and put to use in high pressure situations.

  • Overcome satellite accuracy deficiencies with device-to-device mapping of people and equipment.

  • Identify the relevant inventory for a task stored amongst its non-relevant neighbours.

  • Increase responsiveness by quickly tracking and moving assets within your organization.

Indoor Positioning System affords your organization a precise overview of where the assets within your facilities are located. Using tracking tags and mobile devices, IPS pinpoints with surgical precision exactly where you can find the people and equipment vital to your organization are located, allowing you to respond to high pressure situations promptly and effectively. Eliminate loss of equipment with Fluid’s IPS, while also ensuring the assets integral to your organization are locatable.

IPS Industry Points


Ensure equipment is up to date and in working order by easily organizing and locating assets for routine checks.


Make the inside of your facilities navigable for your workers.



Locate equipment and medical practitioners to better organize your responses to high pressure medical situations.



Have a comprehensive overview of your inventory and equipment – where it is located and what condition it is in.



Know when an asset is moved and by whom.