Control Your Mobile Assets

Create a Safer Workplace

Control mobile devices by disabling texting while driving. Receive alerts when employees are speeding and set "panic" buttons for quick notifications in case of job site accidents or health and safety problems. Geo-fencing combined with time-fencing can be used to create update notifications so you can monitor lone workers or workers in dangerous situations.


Save on Device Data Cost

Most organizations are frustrated with data overage charges on their mobile devices.

Fluid Mobility allows you to control device data usage and control app usage with
Fluid Policy Controls.

Manage devices

and data usage!

Use signature capture for invoices, job management accountability and HOS logging. Know where your employees are, where your assets are, and how they are interacting at all times. Vehicles and mobile devices used for anything other than work are costing you money. Fluid's AVL telelmatics and GPS location services enable enhanced awareness and utilization of all your mobile assets.


• GPS tracking for vehicles & devices

• Dynamic policy control for devices

• Route planning & job planning

• Automation & tying in to existing back office systems


Customized field services workflow


High Visibility = Accountability

Get Rid of Paperwork

Many organizations are still utilizing paper job forms, punch cards and logs. Mobile device technology provides easy to implement options to connect your mobile workers directly to the back office saving countless hours of paperwork management.

Tool & Inventory Management

Keep track of everything from a drill to a back-loader using Fluid's mobile scan with QR or barcodes. Completely flexible online code generator can be tied into your back office systems . Easily tracked by managers and accounted for with back office integration. 

Tamper-proof devices

Create a "tamper-proof" kiosk mode so employees can only access device functions and apps they are permissioned for. Reduce employee tampering with location services and track battery power usage.